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Dear Revenge Lady,
My husband passed away 4 months ago, and ever since his daughter has been making my life miserable. She is in her early 40's, doesn't work, has run out on her student loans and credit card bills, carries a gun, has extreme paranoia ( she once had a stray dog that she had found xrayed to " make sure that the dog wasn't implanted with a transmitter" ), has problems with drug abuse, and has sued a bank for embezzlement after they withdrew money from her boyfriend's account for missed payments on a RV that they own. She called me a short time ago and asked me some painful questions about her Dad's passing that I answered honestly. She wanted access to his medical records, which I denied. There was no question about his diagnosis, but I had concerns about personal information in them. I sent her copies of his pertinent medical info and copies of other documents along with a letter asking her never to contact me again. That she would have to ask her Aunts ( my husband's sisters) for whatever information she wanted, and then I would send it to her. I am not trying to hide anything, and have done nothing wrong, but her tone and demeanor has been abusive.
She responded to that letter by going to the County Sheriff and filing a criminal compaint against me, accusing me of everything from committing fraud to killing her father. She knows these charges are false, and the sheriff that talked to me on the phone indicated to me that he felt she is a flake and the charges were false, but that he had to investigate. I am not worried about being charged, because it is ridiculous, but she is trying to destroy my reputation and harrass me. I would like to just get on with my life, accept that fact that the love of my life is gone, and try to recover from 18 months of incredible pain and intense caretaking, but she won't let me.
Any ideas on what I can do in retaliation? I need to let her know I won't back off.

Hi A:
As you say it is a dangerous game. I don't say this often but in this case I wouldn't get into anything else with her - she is too dangerous. The fact that you now have to deal with the sheriff is terrible and obviously she's taken the gloves off and will stop at nothing. If I were you, I would treat her for what she is - a paranoid delusional person with too much time on her hands. If you interact with people like that, you get caught up in their crazy world. Cut her out of your life forever and in the meantime deal with the sheriff and get this matter put aside. If you retaliate, it will only fire her up to do more damage.
Good luck....
Revenge Lady

Help! Revenge Lady!
My ex and I broke up after taking out a credit line together. My ex took out the whole 5000.00 and Now I have no money for home repairs. I took him to court and he signed to pay it off and he hasn't. It's at 5300.00 now because of interest and they keep hounding me because they said they don't care that he signed to pay it. They wont put it into his name because he has no credit and now I'm stuck to pay this money I didn't even spend. He refuses to pay it off and threatened me with him going bankrupt to force me to pay the money he spent. I dunno what to do.

I've heard of these horrible situations before - at least
you can thank your lucky stars you no longer have this loser in your life. I don't know the legal side of it but it seems if the court ordered him to pay the amount,
there should be some way to enforce that (garnishing wages perhaps?) or at least be able to produce those documents to work something out with the credit line. Sorry I can't help you more - try some legal sites where you can ask these kinds of questions.

On the personal side, the guy is a sleaze and make sure everyone knows what he has done as well as his family. Send him our "finger" or some other" get lost loser!" gift.
Love, Revenge Lady


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