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1. I had worked for my place of employment for nine years. Four years prior a new company from hell took over. They came in and changed everything, including my boss. My boss was a easy going people oriented person who with his personally motivated his employees to do their best with little that hey had. He lost his job with the new company and was replaced by a bitch from hell. She was an insecure micromanager that used every disciple policy at her fingertips to make her "acquired employees" miserable. Every time you'd turn around an e-mail from her would appear about some kind of nonsense. If you were one minute late you get a disciplined for it. What was even worse is that she was the complete opposite of my former boss and had a hard time keeping staff. My question is why do employers keep mangers like these? They have to see that these type of managers and more trouble that they are worth. I ended up getting fired for going to HR to complain that she was being verbally abusive to me. HR is never there to help the employee but to help the manager fire you! My next job will be one that has a union this was the firing won't be so easy.

1. I once worked for this company, that was run by a family. The father died tragically in a car accident, and after that the "kids" took over. The daughter and I became close and would hang out after work, sometimes going out for drinks.... until I realized she got a little slutty, while becoming totally intoxicated. I vowed never to go out w/ her again, well one day, this guy starts working there, and we become friends, I introduce him to my husband of 10 yrs, we all hung out( he also had a girlfriend)Well my "boss" becomes extremely jealous. She wants this guy bad, without regard to his girlfriend, or the fact that he just doesn't want anything to do w/her. So she writes rude little notes about us, like , we love each other, treating us like crap if we get caught talking, high school stuff. The day comes for me to take my 2 weeks paid vacation, I take it, come back, get called in the office, and am informed that they are relieving me of my duties and giving my job to the guy who just started 6 months before. Not only that , she anonymously calls my husband to say I have been cheating on him! The gall of this chick! needless to say, I sped out of the parking lot, spitting rocks and calling her some choice few words.

3. The boss I'm writing in about was actually the owner of his own company. Hell boss was extremely verbally abusive to all employees, it was almost as if he had to demean someone daily to vindicate himself. The ego trip on this guy was equally amazing, constantly reminding everyone who worked for him how much smarter he was than everyone around him. The last month I worked there 5 people quit.'s your sign. He would keep us in Monday morning meetings ranting and raving for 2+ hours. Every job we sent out of this place was wrong, wrong color, wrong size, etc. I finally pointed out to a co-worker that it was just too screwed up to be by chance. I did some detective work of my own and discovered that the bosses personal whipping boy was having a little revenge of his own. You see the engineering files at the company are not read only, they are not write protected, so it would seem that anyone with malice could simply change a few things here, change a few things get the picture. The coworker and I had such a huge laugh when we figured out what was going on, the guy clearly deserved this and MORE. Amazing that the only thing that exceeds this guys arrogance is his ignorance!

4. The owner of the ad agency where I worked was a total misogynist. He gave the very few women there the crappiest jobs. I was hired to do graphic design, but was stuck doing typing and sending emails. A colleague who had led ad campaigns was answering phones. Being a patronizing jerk, he also called the women "darling" and "sweetheart" (which is also what he called his ten-year-old daughter). Naturally, the men were given the interesting jobs. The big cheese also encouraged them to view internet porn. Maybe he was trying to get them addicted so that he wouldn't have to pay them properly and they would be unemployable elsewhere. I wanted to quit, but jobs were scarce and my husband and I needed what little money I was making at Fratboys R Us. I was on the verge of making a complaint for sexual harassment when my husband got a better-paying job in a less expensive city. Even though I hated my boss, I decided not to sue him (it's time-consuming and the settlements in Canada are pretty small). I didn't even tell him off because I preferred to get good references. So I sucked up to him, I even faked sympathy when he told me that he was under stress (like I wasn't!!!). After I moved, a co-worker sent me an email: the big jerk said that he missed me, that "I've never met anyone who was so sensitive and so in touch with my feelings." I couldn't stop laughing for half an hour. Later on, my colleague who was doing phone work left. I called her successor and told her that her boss (who was an even bigger pig than the big cheese) was "pretty edgy". I also sent her an email about sexual harassment. Ten days later, she stopped showing up for work and sent an email denying that it had anything to do with her boss (as if!). The place now only has two women. One of them is totally miserable, but can't afford to quit. Too bad, because if she ever wants to sue the owner for harassment and discrimination, I'd be more than happy to testify as a witness!

5. I was hired by a home-building company who got a consultant to screen job candidates and interview me. I was offered the job of Executive Assistant to the CEO, with a comfortable salary and full benefits. When I began the job, I was told they were "working on" my job description, because all job descriptions were being revised. About a month later, the consultant who interviewed me was fired. During the four months I worked there, I was expected to manage the boss's calendar. He kept repeatedly overbooking his own appointments, almost never spoke to me, ignored my messages, and never answered his phone. (Obviously it was my responsibility to fix his messed up calendar). To boot, the lion's share of what was supposed to be my job was being done behind my back by his 25-year old girlfriend (who bore a bogus job title at the company) - and, whom he tried (a la bait & switch) to make my supervisor!!! He was a 54 year old married man with 4 children, the oldest one being 2 years older than the girlfriend. One week, 5 members of the management team (including the girlfriend) and the boss attended an annual conference in San Francisco. When everybody flew home Friday night and the boss and girlfriend remained behind until Sunday, the boss's wife figured out what was going on and kicked him out of the house. That following Monday, we found out, as well, that the boss's son, who had been working for the company, too, quit his job. Three weeks later, I was fired without warning, without cause, but with a check for severance pay!

6. My bosses (2) for 2.5 yrs were as follows, the first was totally unable to make a decision, our day started at 8am and he would pace and ask the 3 of us what he should have for lunch that day,This took until 10am every morning and was followed by #1 and #2's "nappy time" (sleep) this was broken up with his constant tirades on every subject where he would go around kicking things. he saw the whole world as negative and anything anyone was doing was wrong...then he'd do it himself, the man was a living contradiction. He never wanted to create paperwork...cause "the paper trail is where "they" get you!" What paper trail? we were technicians in an industrial facility. he would not do purchase orders so I would have to spend my own $ buying bolts and fittings to complete our work. We begged for oil and grease to maintain the life of a lot of equipment, not only until a cute salesgirl was selling it, we had DRUMS of oil and CASES of grease to keep the site running. Any other time we were made to sit idle as expensive equipment just shook itself apart or burned up, and could do nothing about it. When she left that job selling oil and grease, we were made to throw out all the surplus because it was then "in the way". #2 boss got his job by ass kissing. Before becoming a maintenance tech, he worked at a McDonalds and would sleep most of the day, Invite his wife to drop off their kids (3 ages 2-6)for me and the other guy to watch and enjoy a day out shopping. We didn't mind it so much when he did that cause his wife would usually call 3-5 times an hour,so we at least didn't have to run for the phone...and God help us if we missed getting to the phone on time! and they would scream back and forth about their debt problems. She was arrested from stealing 15k from the Wendy's she worked at a few months later...hehehehe It got to the point where they were too lazy to do required testing on site and put us all in jeopardy...I had to leave, I've never looked back!

7. I had been a receptionist/office manager at a small company for a year. My boss called me into a room to congratulate me on being promoted. He spoke of additional responsibility and more hours, then he said, "I'm sorry, our bookkeeper messed up, and for the last year, you've been making too much money. We're cutting your pay by about $80 a month. Congratulations!" Then, he kept me at my old position, and never did hire a replacement so I could actually do the job I was promoted to. I quit a few months after that.

8. I worked as an administrative assistant for a true hormonal witch, the kind that when she has a bad day, you have a bad day type. During some construction in our office, she was complaining about the amount of dust on her desk. I offered to dust it for her knowing that our cleaning crew had their hands full with the rest of the building. She actually told me in a very rude tone that she wanted me to call a housekeeper because she wanted it done right. I sucked it up and called a housekeeper and put it out of my head. A few months later, I was in a car accident and was out of the office for 2 days recovering. Because I had been unconscious for part of that time, my family called in to report what had happened and that I wouldn't be in for a few days. I went back the following Monday, having only missed 2 actual work days and was promptly fired for a no call/no show. Needless to say, I filed suit right away.

9. Our boss is a sociopathic liar. For example, on 9/11/01, she would not allow anyone to go home to be with family unless they took vacation time. She later made up having a Jewish doctor boyfriend who died in the World Trade Center attack. ( We checked and his name was and is still not among the victims.) She elaborated on attending the memorial service and comforting the man's mother while the ex-wife was ignored. This is just one example of a real boss from hell.

10. I am a packer at a snack food factory. I have a boss that was constantly doing things with his wife that works there that was making the workers uncomfortable and four of them said things to me and another person on another shift and I decided to do something about it so I wrote a letter to the company's owner, complaining how my boss yelled at an elder man which is the companys mechanic on that shift by calling him stupid repeatedly and it made me disgusted and my boss and his wife doing things that is making people uncomfortable. I am tired of my boss thinking he is GOD himself and can do whatever he wants to do. Then, I'm guessing as a punishment for someone writing the letter my boss made our shift stricter and had us have our breaks let out exactly at the ding sound, not a minute or two earlier like it was before, like to say I can touch my wifes butt and make you as uncomfortable as I want and even put you through more crap. His wife got an attitude with me appartently because I guess she somehow found out I wrote the letter complaining and told another PMO (a machine operator), making sure I was listening in the womans locker room that it was slander and she made sure I heard the part where she said I KNOW WHO WROTE THE NOTE, she repeated twice. His wife is my machine operator once in a while and when she is my operator it makes me sick because I'll know I'll have to deal with my immature boss coming over left and right all day practically, talking to his wife about something and you better believe he's using curse words. His wife has a foul mouth on her like you would not believe either. I can see acting like a child like this maybe at your home or something, but at work?? I need his wife to pay attention to the machine and she's paying more attention to her husband and the product comes up all wrong and even though they are an inch away from my machine I have to tell them LOOK. I don't want a confrontation from my boss because he has quite an attitude problem. This place is being managed by a man that strangled his child and beat his wife. Now I know I can't go to him. I want off this shift because I constantly have to avoid his wife because she's like a child and likes to talk about me with her two lady friends while I'm present and I'll know I'll get upset and wind up saying something so I try to avoid her like I do bee stings. My boyfriend informed me after I was there a month to watch out for my boss because he has a temper and he used to kick boxes around when he got so pissed off like a two year old, but stopped because him and his wife starting getting along, he was kicking boxes because they were fighting at the time. I thought, great thanks for telling me after I'm in the company. I'll have my pocket sticking out by accident one day and he'll come up, that a snot rag hanging out of your pocket, when he knows it's just my pocket sticking out, just to be an instagater and he'll put stickers on the bags coming off the product line that don't belong on the bags and when I put them to the side because I know they don't belong in the box he'll say that was just a test, your the number one packer, while laughing....and I just smile thinking if he keeps this up I'm gonna refer him to my seven year old brother for lessons in growing up. My boss will also put me on machines that are very hard on your back that other employees that are assigned to the machine don't want to work on even though I'm already assigned on another machine, I mean, my back hurts too, I have to go to a chiropractor. I want off my shift because I'm tired of playing cat and mouse, being the mouse trying to hide from her coming near me so she can talk about me like the child that she is. I have tried to get a hold of the manager of the company, he won't have a meeting but will give me a phone call the office lady told me, but he never called and I had my mother call two times, once leaving a message that he never returned and calling him telling the office lady she wanted to speak directly to him and no voice mail, but of course he wasn't in the building to speak with. I am twenty years old by the way. These people are much older than me but act like my little brothers, actually worse. I have called the police and they said my boss is in the wrong and him calling the mechanic stupid is harassment and to go to the magistrate, but I think this is beyond that. I need to know what to do, I need money, I need a job, but after having my stomach feel sick and going to the bathroom six times a day because I can't handle the stress anymore is going to take a toll on my health very soon.


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