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Top Ten Breakups from Hell

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1. After seven years of marriage and working two jobs while my husband worked his way through the police academy, with me helping him study and written and typing all of his assignments, he tells me that he now has a new partner. The new partner, Gina, was so nice and sweet to me the few times I met her! IN fact, she would talk to me about the troubles my husband and I were having trying to conceive. At this point, I was in the middle of intensive medical treatment after having three 'female' surgeries. She was our number one fan when it came to us having a family. Well, one Thanksgiving, after working out of town, my husband begged me to fly home early to be with him at Thanksgiving. Naturally, I did so because I loved him. I flew home, we had a lovely family dinner and then went home to relax and digest the meal. At this point, completely happy that we were together and having a lovely holiday, he turned and said to my that he wanted a divorce. Shocked and in tears, there was no way to change his mind. Not being able to afford my newly purchased/re-decorated home on just my income, I moved into an apartment, left my dog (all the while crying my eyes out). Two months later my husband calls to tell me his great news! Gina has moved in with him, she is pregnant and getting married. He then tells me that they are going to name the baby the name we picked out, and can't wait to use the nursery that I had painted-since he thought I had done such a super job on it! I was speechless! But, my dog must have known, because he ate/tore up every single thing she brought into the house, couches, tables, pillows, comforters

I had been involved with the same guy from my freshman year of high school to my junior year. Needless to say he was two years older than me and thought he was smarter than me. To make a long story short I fell really hard for this guy and i thought i was in love with him. Near the end of his senior year he began to treat me different: never having enough time for me, wanting to spend more time with his "friends" than me and of course there were the rumors about him seeing another girl. Well one day he finally got the balls to break up with me. It broke my heart, and i knew the only way that i would feel better was to get some sweet revenge. Now although I was into him we never had a sexual relationship because he claimed he understood that i wanted to wait until i was married. That didn't stop us from having cyber sex and it didn't stop him from sending me pictures of his extremely small penis. So after the break up i went home and printed 500 copies of his extremely small penis and gave them out, not just at school but throughout the town we lived in. When i was called to the principal's office i was overcome with joy to see him crying about the pictures. I guess he's not as smart as he thinks.

2. My soon-to-be-ex-husband couldn't wait till I'd even moved out before flaunting his other woman all over town, including in front of mutual friends - needless to say it was the same old story of the wife being the last to know. Given his somewhat inadequate approach to personal hygiene (except when he's been chasing after some other woman), I decided enough was enough and highlighted his problem a little. Asafoetida powder sprinkled in among his clothes, his bedding, his towels, etc. Also in his shampoo of course; and as he always thought it was clever to 'borrow' my hair conditioner before sprucing up for another woman, no prizes for guessing what I planted in the bathroom. I also washed down some Asafoetida powder and fish sauce into the drum of the washing machine, so even if he tried to wash his clothes it wasn't going to help much! The trick is to not use a large amount of the powder, as that would be obvious - just enough to ensure that his best efforts don't quite cut it :)

3. I was in a relationship for a little over a year. My girlfriend and I were inseparable. I even got her job at the place where i work. She decided to break up up with me because she said i was too comfortable. Well we made an agreement when we broke up that we wouldn't date anyone from our job. Well one morning i decided to go to my manager's house and what to my surprise i see her car parked out front. Didn't think much of it but when i went inside the house i found her in bed with my so called friend/co worker. I was so hurt and pissed off. She told me that she wasn't sorry for what happened and that it was my fault that i got hurt, i was looking for it. She also said that i was a bad boyfriend. Screw her. I never did anything to make her do that, i never cheated on her, i was always there for her, i tried to give her everything that she wanted and what did i get a broken heart and the loss of all my friends. All of my so called friends knew about what was going on with her and this guy and they decided not to tell me. Hey i don't blame them but my ex girlfriend turned them all against me. Now i don't have a job, no friends and my heart hangs low. This is a breakup from hell.

4. We were supposed to get married March 7, I called it off the night before because I checked the cable bill and it had $200 of porn on it. We stayed together because he made up a good lie and said it would never happen again, but a week later the cell bill came in and a number kept showing up, I called it, and turns out he had a girlfriend in another state, that he'd been seeing the whole 5 years we've been together she's been in my car, played with my puppy, been in our house and had sex in our bed. He told her it was all his, and that he had a male roommate. I didn't even exist for 5 years.

5. I had been with my boyfriend for nearly three years when I left for college. We decided to stay together and work things out. Well, he cheated on me on my birthday and I found out. Me, being the idiot I am forgave him and decided to work things out. Well, a week ago he broke up with me because I found out that he had been cheating on me with one of his ex girlfriends. He said that he had ended things with her and that he just wanted to be single. NO! They have been together every night for the last week.

6. After over a year of dating D, we mutually broke it off earlier this week. A source of our arguments centered over a motorcycle. At the age of 45 I obtained my motorcycle license. Before ever obtaining the license, I bought the bike, shelling out $6500 for a used Kawasaki W650. I paid off the bike using funds from my retirement account. In August of last year, D told me that if I got my license I could ride up to the Grand Canyon with him. Without any knowledge about motorcycles or riding, we walked into the store and walk out with a motorcycle. Talk about impulsive buying! Sure, he didn't twist my arm but anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I had never shown an interest in learning how to ride or buying a motorcycle for that matter. Yes, I did do it for him. I should have known better.

Then came the lessons at a cost of $198. I gave up five Sundays of my time in order to complete the MSF class which wasn't easy for I had failed the driving evaluation portion twice.

Eventually I obtained my Class M1 license in 10/04; since then the only significant ride I took was all of 40 miles.

As the relationship was nearing the end, I had decided to sell the bike. I sold the bike for $3800 yesterday, taking a $2500 loss.

Frankly, I'm glad to be rid of the bike for it has been a thorn in my side since I purchased it. Good riddance to D. I feel better already.

7. I dated this asshole for like 4 yrs...he was always real jealous and had a bad temper. Things were going very downhill the last year. I was doing some cheating and i was sure (even without proof) he was too. He said he was "busy" on my birthday. The next day over a "make-up" dinner he decides to tell me that he slept with a co-worker the night before, and that even tho he was trying to have safe sex, the second time he didn't use a condom cuz she just "jumped on him". i replied u make me sick and walked out. He followed me to the parking lot where i had my car to apologize (what a JOKE!) That's where i said u know what? Then i laid on him all the dirty details of every time i ever cheated on him with names dates and times he had questioned me about. i knew at this point i had nothing to lose since there was no way in hell i was ever gonna be with him again!! then i drove away with him screaming and cursing behind me....

8. My boyfriend and i had been dating for almost a year and a half when i started to notice changes in him. He started hanging out with my ex's current girlfriend a lot. 2 days after his birthday (and my 110 dollar shoes i gave him) he breaks it off over the phone. He won't talk to me, or explain, or let me ask questions, in fact, that girl that he had been hanging around broke up with her boyfriend at the same time. turns out now they're dating, 2 weeks after we broke up and galavanting throughout the halls holding hands.

9. Well, I have known my now ex-boyfriend for 2 years before we started dating. We both were madly in love with each other. So surely enough, after I broke it off with the person that I had been seeing, we started dating. We were madly in love. He put his house on the market to move in with me, and we were planning on spending the rest of our lives together. All of a sudden we started falling apart. I was having a stressful week with my final exams, and my two kids wouldn't listen to anything that I asked them to do and were driving me nuts. So he and I got into one little fight, and he calls it quits. He moves all of his things out and back to his now empty house that is still on the market.

10. Okay my boyfriend and i had been together for 2 years. Everybody found out we were together so he said we needed a break. I agreed with him. We got back together for 1 more year. While we were in a relationship he had the hots for another girl. A day after I dumped him, they were going out in public.

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