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1. My mother in law and sister in law are insane; my husband and I met on the internet and now have been married 4 years on Thursday. Ever since we ever met, they have done nothing but try to break up our marriage; they have done their version of background checks on my employer; they think they have found out things that are so far-fetched, it's outrageous. They have tried everything from using the computer to terrorize me and my husband; they have punished him in severe ways for "leaving their mafia fold," the sister has kept our wedding video and has NEVER allowed us to see or have it (after it was supposed to be a wedding "gift"); they have shunned him, turned everyone in the family against both of us and no one will have anything much to do with us because of them. The mother writes stupid letters and cards about stuff that makes NO sense; they live in some kind of dream world that gives them the right to judge people, not just us, but EVERYBODY who doesn't fit into their "holy" hold; they are vindictive, spiteful, hateful and rude, selfish, egotistical; the sister is bulimic and probably anorexic as well; the mother is a drama queen and never thinks she's wrong; they promised to come down to visit us at Christmas and the night before they were supposed to come at like 7:30 p.m., and after we had cleaned, cooked, bought food, presents, etc. for them, just said, "well, we can't come. Some kid they keep had a fever." Nothing was mentioned about this fever or sickness that morning when my husband had talked to the mother; the father is spineless and sits and lets the mother and sister hurt us and do things to us all the time and never lifts a finger to stop them; they've told us 3 times they were coming to visit, and then either just don't show up or lie and say they're coming and then you don't hear from them for several months. They're psychotic and they guilt my husband into feeling bad because he married me and didn't stay stuck up their butts where they can control him and "hand-pick" his wife, who they would never be happy with to begin with. They have caused us physical health problems, i.e., blood pressure problems, anxiety and depression, financial problems where we couldn't work or keep jobs; the mother told me to get a job as a pole dancer one time, that's how deranged she is.

2. My someday father in-law whom my fiancÚ happens to despise, asked us to rent the family homestead almost 2 years ago. My fiancÚ and I are in our mid 20's and thought it would be nice. However, "Bob" is the type of man who dangles things in your face but then tells you that you can't have them. He thought since it was HIS place, that he could show up unannounced and just walk in without our permission. Some of the times I wasn't even fully dressed! He also has a 1929 Model A Ford in the garage which he would not allow anything of ours to be within 3 feet of. If something of ours was in his way whatsoever, he would throw it away or burn it in the burn barrel. We had no lease but were paying 650 a month plus whatever utilities. He would not replace anything that broke in the house and made us do most of the repairs if any were needed. He is vindictive. He also has a small cinder block building he converted into an efficiency apartment and a couple reside there right next door. They pay rent also. He has both paying residences using the same sewage tank which is illegal in our township. Plus he does not turn in the rent payments as income during tax time. Which is also illegal. He decided to put the house and land up for sale about 2 months ago and told the neighbors that if anyone such as a realtor or rep comes to ask questions about the place, they are to say that they are his kids and that they don't pay rent, they just stay there for free. He also told the local post office to stop sending the neighbors mail to the mailbox because no one lives there anymore. He didn't tell them about what he did . The neighbors "Pam and Emilio" called Bob and told him that they thought WE were taking their mail and sending it back. They told him to tell us to stop doing it because they weren't getting their bills. So, Bob calls us and tells us to stop touching their mail
yet he was the one who notified the damn post office to do it! He lied to them AND us.

3. My SIL is a piece of work. After I lost two babies (stillborn), she said things like, "Well, could you imagine losing ACTUAL children?" as if my babies didn't count at all. On the one year anniversary of the loss, she said, "Life goes on," and proceeded to tell me about a TOTAL stranger who is grateful to have one living child after his wife had several miscarriages and wanted to know why I wasn't more like him. What the hell is up with that? When I finally told her she was insensitive, she got really mad and said I was surrounded by landmines and she doesn't know how to talk to me (then don't, you tacky hag!). And she asked me if I would feel better if she only had one child (well yes indeed, if only to keep her mean-spirited genes out of the pool).

5. Hours after my twin boys were born after a difficult pregnancy (plus I had two other young children), my delightful sister-in-law (my husband's sister) came in with her young son. After I inquired where her daughter was, her reply: "Oh, she didn't want to come and see your stupid babies." Shortly afterwards my husband's other sibling and his whole family come trooping in unannounced without any concern for my well-being and promptly invaded my privacy, while I'm trying to nurse and deal with 2 babies (after a c-section and many health concerns). My mother-in-law complained I didn't share my hospitable meal with her. They all came in wearing their filthy shoes from outside so there was gravel all over the floor. Since my ankles were swollen like tree trunks, I had to roam around barefoot so all the grit ended up in my bed. This is just one of many true incidences regarding my in-laws. The twin boys give me a good excuse not to attend family dinners!

6. My dad is a gem. He had my mom stay home to raise the kids. When she got cancer, he leaves her for a girl 7 years older than me. After 15 years of his philandering, mom gets the balls to divorce dad. By this time, he had transferred over $50 million of community property to his girlfriend's name + "his girlfriend" hired a high powered legal team to represent him. Needless to say, mother's regular attorney could not hold a candle to dad's legal team. Mom got nothing in the divorce, goes into remission, learns she has contracted an STD from dad, and develops Rheumatoid arthritis. Dad tells us he hates the kids (us) because we remind him of the failed marriage. His girlfriend, now his wife, used up our college trust funds ($7 million) as our trustee. He tells us if we try to sue her, he will kills all of us. We were forced to change our last name as part of the divorce agreement to prevent embarrassment to him.

7. My mother is remarried to a man who is a complete control freak. He has 3 kids that are grown with their own families. His youngest son and his youngest son's wife Michelle are something else. I've treated them like a younger brother and sister and my husband and I have done a lot to help them out. One day, Michelle called my husband and fabricated a bunch of lies about me and then offered to come over and stay with him for the week (to f*ck him) while I was going away on vacation with my daughter for the week. She was having an affair with her husband's boss and kept telling me things about it even though I told her I didn't want to hear it. I had went to my mom and told my mom about what was going on and told her she needed to talk to Michelle about it because it's self-destructive and I'm tired of hearing about all of it. (I'm talking graphic details people. Stuff you just don't want to hear from anyone, especially someone that's married to your step-brother). Anyways, she waited almost a year and then decided to call my husband and try to get him to think I was a skank like her. Here's some of the outrageous, disgusting things she said:
1. I had an affair for 1 1/2 years with a guy from work.
2. I made her make out with a guy at a bar.
3. I had an online affair and she and my mother saw a picture of the guy.
4. I met up with a guy at a rest area and had sex with him (or something like that. Who knows).
5. I told Michelle she could go down to the tent that my husband and son were staying in and offer to have sex with him. (We went camping with them last summer and she actually snuck down to his tent and tried to get in the tent with him. Thank God my son wasn't right there too).

I don't recall what else she said, but I know my jaw dropped when my husband brought it up to me. I am extremely hurt and pissed that she would do this sort of thing. I have done so much for that girl and when I had my mother talk to her about stuff it was because I was genuinely concerned that she was going to get in huge trouble, was hurting my step-brother....and they have 3 little kids together and he is the main source of income....and she was screwing his boss...and had plans to leave him for his boss. Anyways, now there won't be any more family get togethers with my mom and step-family. I won't be around the drama. Oh! To top it all off, I guess she said these things to my mom and step-dad too because I got a voicemail from my own mother saying that I better watch my p's and q's because she thinks I'm being followed. I then called her and she said that her husband/my step-father was having me followed. I then confronted him and he denied it, but was saying things like..."If I wanted to know how many times you change your pantyhose each day, I could find out". Give me a break. I do absolutely NOTHING wrong. Live a pretty boring existence really....and people have me followed and crap? Ha ha ha! Hope they enjoyed wasting their money!!! Ha ha ha!!! The only places I go are to girlfriend's houses or Barnes & Noble and sometimes Costco or shopping at the mall. Too funny....but insulting that they would even think so low of me at the word of some skank who definitely has issues. Oh, now my mom says that Michelle is going to counseling and knows she needs help....then tries to turn this whole thing around like I should feel bad about not being around people who obviously have no respect for me and want to cause harm to me. Seriously. I've never done anything wrong to any one of them. Oh...and I think my husband sort of believes the crap because he keeps making degrading comments and questioning me. I am getting so sick of the crap that I'm ready to just pack and go. It hurts me so bad that he is acting like he doesn't trust me anymore....because of HER WORD???? ???????? Unreal. I haven't confronted her yet, but I wonder if I should. She's out there....and I don't want to lower myself to that level. One minute I want to and the next minute I tell myself that it shows much more strength in my self worth to just not ever speak to her or my step-father (or any of them) ever again. It's their loss in my opinion. They owe me an apology, and until it happens, I just won't act like they even exist in my life.

8. I loved my grandmother very much. I am to this day glad SHE was my grandmother and not her sister. Here's what happened last time I saw her: Her sister called me fat to my face more than once ( I admit, I am not a lightweight, but she needn't have said it) and denied and said it AGAIN. i had JUST had surgery for ovarian cysts about 2 days before last time i saw her and she practically smacked my belly.( she was patting it, i don't remember why, but doing so VERY hard) ohhh the pain. I had to lift my shirt and show her my still bandaged belly button area to prove I had surgery that high up! She complained when we went to Applebees for supper about how much I ate. I didn't eat as much as she did and I didn't eat a huge steak, either! I had fettucini and broccoli! Also, she had to nerve to ask about my sex life with my boyfriend, if we used condoms and such ( i'm on the pill and we don't use condoms cause neither of us likes how they feel but that ain't her beeswax) and then talk trash about my grandmother ( saying she was pregnant with my aunt, another relative from hell, when she married my grandpa when she was 18 ) who had just died 5 months before! Grandma was a saint compared to her and grandma wasn't perfect. Thank GOD you can choose your friends if you can't choose your relatives...

9. My cousin (we'll say) Nicole is a total witch! she's practically anorexic because she never eats anything and her parents and grandparents don't do anything about it. a few years ago they came into town (they live in dallas) for thanksgiving and her dad offered to make breakfast. instead of pancakes or something he went and bought 2 dozen donuts! my parents wound up making waffles but instead of eating them "nicole" cuts it into tiny pieces and them gives it to her little sister. and thats not all! she thinks she's perfect here's a list of examples
~can't sing to save her life but thinks she's f@#$*%^ mariah carey!
~can't dance or do cheerleading but say's she's squad captain!
~say's she can beat anyone at soccer she just thinks it's stupid (that get's everyone's attention since everyone in our fam. loves soccer)i think she's just ticked cause her little sister plays pretty well and gets attention from their dad (the coach).
~(WORST OF ALL) she thinks she's some kinda pam anderson or something but guess what! she's a flat chested, big nosed, bucktoothed, anorexic who makes me bulemic!

10. My father's sister is a very difficult woman. Incredibly particular and very snobbish. My mother is from Central America and my aunt delights in putting her down and insulting her whilst pretending to be nice and genuine. For example, we invited her round just before easter and she gave my father a bag of easter eggs for us which we thanked her for. The next day, she sent my dad a text saying "thank you for dinner, I was surprised that I was not thanked for my easter eggs - is it a cultural thing?" ! How insulting and bigoted! She gently puts every one down - the only time she comments "nicely" on what my sisters or I am wearing is to say "oh, that's nice, did you get it from a charity shop?" and other such remarks that simply leave you speechless.
Her eldest son and I were of the same age, he passed away (congenital heart defect) when he was about 3 years old, I feel for her, really I do. However, she told my mother that I should have died, not him, that she (my aunt) had done everything right during pregnancy and that it should have been my mother's child (me) not her child that died and wouldn't talk to her for ages.

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