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Stressed out by love, life and relationships?
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Situation 1: Pizza Madness
Revenge Lady says c is the perfect choice.  You get it out of your system and you give him a nice messy car just like he gave you, but without inflicting lasting damage. This is a satisfying tit for tat.  Of course anything car related must be approached with extreme caution since aggression on the road tends to bring out the worst in people. But if you can pull this off, great! You'll feel good.  And he'll think twice about behaving so oafishly in the future.
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Situation 2: Snakey Boyfriends
Revenge Lady, in a rare prudent and sensible mood, selected d as her answer.  This guy's clearly a liar and a cheat and sometimes the best way to go is to cut people like this off cold. However Revenge Lady does admit to secretly loving a, though not wanting to encourage any bad or illegal-type behavior out there, she suggests simply fantasizing doing the water thing. Property damage, especially of this scale, is never a good idea and can land you in lots of trouble.
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Situation 3: TV Rivals
Revenge Lady says d is delicious. It's very creative, a hallmark of good revenge.  And it hits him square where it hurts the most, his vanity.  Her least favorite is c.  Don't involve an innocent third party, especially in a sleazy way like this.
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Situation 4: Dog Days
Revenge Lady chooses a (though d is a close second). Dumping manure is offensive in an olfactory way that nicely matches what your neighbor did to you. An added benefit is you can watch the whole show from your home, especially the priceless moment when he first discovers the surprise gift. Be careful though not to have the manure delivered when the wind's blowing in your direction.
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Situation 5: Sniffing Co-workers
Revenge Lady likes c because you're giving him a taste of his own medicine.  d may be going too far. Anyway the stink would probably waft into your space too.  Giving anyone, even this toad, an electric shock is of course a big no-no.Tsk tsk.
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Situation 6: Retail Warfare
Revenge Lady can relate, being an enthusiastic shopper herself.  Her choice is c.  It's a little childish, but lots of fun.  And it would definitely fulfil the real goal of any Revenge which is a way to get you over your anger and start laughing.
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Situation 7: Love Thief
Revenge Lady is tempted to choose c, but feels d might be the better choice since it would most likely break up the new romance.  It's below the belt, but so what? All's fair in love and war.
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