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Dear Revenge Lady,
I just helped one of my best friends find out that the man she has been seeing is married. He rocked her world like no man ever has, and she fell hard. Needless to say, she is devastated! Since it was my detective work that helped crumble her world, I would now like to help her get revenge. Any suggestions? She doesn't want to hurt the wife, I think the wife should know.
Thank you in advance for your ideas,

Dear Paula:
I think it depends what she wants from him now - does she never want to see him again? Does she hate his guts? Does she want to see squirm in hell? Is he still calling her? Follow her instincts re the wife - I usually caution people to not devastate the wife - why hurt her? It's he who should suffer.
You could torture him and both show up at their house doing a survey, then when he next calls, mention the nice carpet he has in his living
room, etc. Make him think you are about to spill the beans to the wife, make him squirm and stay awake many a night.....then have her ditch the
bugger cold.
Revenge Lady

Dear Lady Revenge
I need your help again. I had a casual no strings you know!!!! going on about 2 years ago. After 6 months she got bored with me that's what i think. When she ended it I was oh ok! whatever! sort of attitude. But i was desperately peed off and gutted coz i was in love. I know she's not the settling down type. I know this for certain. Anyway I see her with her mates every week having a good time in the club and I just act like I'm not bothered when I am. Two years on I still can't see past her. A girl like that is totally out of my league and I love her so much and want her desperately, but I know this can't be. I know this. IT'S A FACT! Anyway my problem is that she snogs and gropes random guys in front of me. When she says hi she kisses me on the lips and lets it linger and I've never given in. It's like she knows that I feel this way about her and she's playing me and knowingly pissing me off. She knows she's gorgeous and is the center of attention. I've tried snogging in front of her to no avail. What can I do so she won't be able to stop thinking about me. I want her to hurt like I've been hurting. That sounds bad. I'm such a placid bloke. I i just wanna wipe that smug grin off her face. Please help me. She will be out saturday. Thanx. P. x

Hi P:
I love her, I hate her - boy, you've got it bad. Ever thought of just telling her you love her - you never know, she may now (or later) want something more substantial. Meanwhile, if you want to just play with the situation, hey you played with a player and you got time she kisses you on the lips, take the opportunity to make her look stupid by for example, slapping a stupid sticker on her back or writing fuck me on her arm with a marker.... something relatively harmless but that will ruin her night....then stay away from her!!
Love, Revenge Lady

Dear Lady Revenge I still need your help!
I need to make her look pathetic and stupid like you say but I wanna do it subtly, remember the club's full of people watching and I don't wanna fall prey to one of her many conquests. I just want her to suffer a little. I'm so desperate to get revenge. But I don't think writing stuff on her back or arm is severe enough. Thanx so much. Please understand my pain. P. xx

Hey P:
I don't think there's anything you can do to make her fall for you - that seems to be what you're asking - this chick isn't up for that kind of thing, so don't
beat yourself up - she's a player, either you play with her, or you did play and now it's move on, forget your obsession. Maybe if you disappear, she'll come after you, at least there's a tactical move for you.
Revenge Lady

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