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Revenge Lady's Neighborly Advice
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Dear Revenge Lady,
I got married last year and moved into my husband's house with my son. Well the neighbor behind us is nothing but a trouble maker she is always trying to get into our business she has already had the dog pound come to our house saying we don't give our dogs all their shots and we had to prove to them we did and of course I have all their records. Then she drives by our street all the time to aggravate us. She drives by real slow and has no reason to be down our road when she lives behind us and has her own road to take. She will drive slowly by our home and look to see what she can start with next. We put up a privacy partial fence and she called the law on that saying it is not in the laws and restrictions for our neighborhood. She had letters sent to us from her attorney saying we needed to take it down or else... She had the neighborhood law restrictions recently make us get rid of all our birds which we had in a huge fenced in cage top and bottom. Now yesterday she called the fire dept on us saying we were burning trash and had not one but 2 fire trucks come to our house (how embarrassing is that) and they saw we were only burning wood and they apologized . They said a neighbor said we were burning trash and she happened to be outside when they came and my husband yelled something to her and she said that's what you get for burning trash in your yard. Not only does she drive by our house but she brings along her 13 year old son which i think is awful having him being involved in such things. I am just tired of this already enough is enough I need advice or help something we can do to get back at her... My husband said before I lived here she started with him on his animals .. Please help us ....

I empathize with the problem. There are people around who have nothing better to do than meddle in other people's business. Any playful revenge is not appropriate here. It will only incite her. Look into a restraining order - start filing complaints of harassment - play hardball with her and try to get her restricted from being around your property. Document everything she does and build your case.
Good luck, it's a drag
Revenge Lady

Dear Revenge Lady,
I have a very annoying neighbor who keeps driving his 4 wheeler in is back yard witch is really pissing off my family. What can I do to stop him from riding that damn thing?

We have called the cops and had other neighbors call the cops and the cops do nothing because there's no law about noise where we live. Any ideas?

Dear T:
So it's not illegal, but it is really irritating and inconsiderate, right? I say fight fire with fire - every time they're out there blasting, then line up a boom box at the fence and play loudly some really
horrible music that they will hate - opera, Don Ho, Pat Boone, whatever. Then see if you guys can work out a truce - no noise.
Revenge Lady

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