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1. To be brief he cheated during my whole pregnancy and for 2yrs after birth during this time of course i was devastated and suffered post-partum and really twisted sense of self image. I even dyed my hair like hers. pathetic! well he also had an EXTENSIVE porno mag collection the day he told me (well stood outside and shouted) she was pregnant i started getting even! He called me and said he would be staying at his Uncle's for a while could I pack his clothes, sure, I shredded every single mag he owned stuffed all the shreds in his pockets of all pants shirts jackets etc..... we are talkin over 100 mags shreded LMAO the kicker is his Uncle is a Religious fanatic so as he unpacked this stuff just is falling out EVERYWHERE! His aunt called me deeply concerned for our marriage and his obvious perversions lol I played along and convinced her he is a sex addict and has cheated with over 20 women and forces me to commit sexual acts with other women and made me contract a STD....They made him leave that night and still don't speak to him....harsh i know but so was he

2. "Golden Rod" was an out and out bully, so we went for marriage therapy. Whist we were seeing our counselor he decided that we should join a swingers club. When I refused he wanted me to sleep with my best friend! When I told him I wanted out, my 4 children and I ended up homeless, whilst he lived in our home. It took 13 months for the court to get the kids back in their house. He then took my 25th Birthday presents and broke them. He is still refusing to pay anything for his 4 children, all in junior school, and is refusing to see them. Great husband, great dad...

1. 3. Well, interesting reading. How about my story? Met, married and had the child of my dreams. Found out that my ex is a closet homo and closet nazi, and me being the good jewish girl. I was abused as a youngster and he uses MY abuse as his basis for winning sole custody of our son. His mother keeps the court fight going, then has the balls to write me and ask me to be with them for xmas. 1-im jewish. 2-she would have poisoned me to get me out of my son's life. 4 years later, I am still fighting for my son, and my ex refuses to talk to me about anything, especially my son. Convinced the whole town (small town USA) that I was a cheating abusive wife, and that i had abused my son. The cycle stops with me. Married I found out my husband was actually still married to his first wife. He told me 36 hours before I had to testify. After that things went down hill fast. Found out that his first wife was actually his second wife. He had been in military prison (sentenced to 4 years). I went to a divorce attorney (go figure) then he stole our family dogs and sold them and devastated my 13 year old son (not his). He wasn't a great husband, pretty mean actually, and now he is by far the worst man I have ever met.

2. My wife ran off and left me and our 6 children to be with a man she met on myspace. she left 2 weeks before my mother died of terminal cancer leaving us to cope with the death and our 12 month old son was very sick at the time. I have custody of the children and my ex is working at a truck stop now! Her and her boyfriend she loved so much broke up and he is heart broken!!!

6. Got married and found out i was pregnant about two weeks later. New spouse had a belated bachelors party about a month after the wedding. He didn't get home till about 7am but I didn't think much about it at the time. Several weeks later he called me from the doctor's office and had the nurse talk to me. Turns out that the night of the bachelors party he ended up in bed with some girl and he contracted v.d. I am about three months pregnant at the time. I go see my doctor and yes, I have it too. what a nice guy!

7. I'll try to keep this short. After being manipulated into marrying a man who everyone thought was the best thing on earth (really, just a con-man with narcissistic personality disorder and ADHD) I was working full time making more than him AND commuting 3 hrs a day, paying ALL the bills, doing ALL the shopping, yard work, cleaning, laundry, social events, cooking, dishes, picking up toys, Dr. visits, staying at home with sick kids, diaper changes, baths, EVERYTHING., he spent every dime we had every month ($250K/yr? Come on!!) and he worked nights, and was the most VILE, DISGUSTING SLOB I'd EVER MET and even urinated in cups and left them around the house because he was too lazy to get up and pee in the toilet?! UGH! He gained 100 pounds, stopped shaving, and REFUSED to wipe his butt or brush his teeth! An embarassment to be seen with. He has an obsession with BUYING "things"... and obliterated our savings on guns, gambling, and God knows what while I clipped coupons and made babyfood from scratch. We even had to sell our house, which he took all $114,000 and BLEW IT in TWO MONTHS on DRUGS and HOOKERS. I took all that abuse, plus physical abuse even when I was pregnant, and hellish emotional, sexual, and verbal abuse. No one believed me - he is the progidal son, and I am the one that is a horrible mean wife of 8 years that didn't want to sleep with my husband who showed me so much tenderness and love. After a few nights of not coming home, I put my 9 month old and 4 year old in the car at 4 am and tracked him down in a hotel with some slut he was "friends" with (came to my wedding and baby showers, nonetheless) sleeping curled up naked in bed. I was horrified, shocked, sickened... was told it was all my fault, I drove him to do it, blah blah blah. I went home and changed the locks immediately. He tried climbing through the windows at night and literally begged at my feet crying to take his sorry ass back. Oh, and get this! I was a HORRIBLE WIFE for "not wanting to work it out" with ! him!!! Helllll NO! I hired the best damn attorney in California and now have my kids, the house and everything in it, and most of his paycheck. Ha! He's still harrassing me 50 times a day though. Oh, and until last week when I closed the account, he would deposit his child support and then go back into the bank and take it all out!!!!! My ONLY source of income now. But the silver lining to all this is that I met the MAN OF MY DREAMS not long afterward... tall, gorgeous, smart, sweet, gentle, kind, and madly in love with me and appreciates me and all I can say about that is WOW!!!!!!! God had a plan!!!!!!

8. Within 7 yrs of being together 'Dick' had slept with a good friend of mine, had a threesome with two strangers at a doof party, spent a night in a motel with a drunk 14 yr old and his buddy- they were nearly 30, left me for a 17 yr old schoolgirl when i was 9 mths pregnant, then left me for a 31 yr old drug-fucked 'feral'(his term) who is as sex obsessed as he is, 5 mths after our 2nd baby, 4mths after proposing to me!! and i cant even get this slut out of my life cos he insists on seeing his kids, whom he had no time for before, except to tell them they were f'ing annoying.

9. I met an illegal immigrant from Argentina who convinced her husband to relocate to Miami because she enjoyed it when they vacationed there. Shortly after, she admittedly became bored with him and we began dating. She soon became pregnant with our first child. She then threatened abortion if I did not get rid of my dog and cat and marry her so she could become a U.S. citizen. She then had me falsely arrested on domestic violence charges. After that passed (since domestic violence carries a mandatory restraining order), I moved back home with the animals and she immediately moved out because of them. She then admitted to whoring herself out to pay her new apartments rent because I wouldn't (or couldn't). Finally, after more attempts by her at having me court ordered away from our newborn daughter I caved and agreed to marry if we moved to Tennessee. Another child was born and she then began demanding a divorce since she hadn't got her citizenship yet. (It's a lengthy and expensive process.) When I refused, she again had me arrested on false domestic violence charges and even claimed to police that I had broken the restraining order. Of course, this is all my fault in her eyes for failing to comply to her demands. I am now facing jail time etc, etc and this story is far from over.

10. Husband and I were married at the time for 9 years and he sits me down to tell me that he is having a mental affair with my sister! but she didn't know about this, so I would say this is an obsession!

He would think about her each time we would have sex, and he compared me to wearing her clothes, and to act like her!!

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