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Top Ten Weddings from Hell

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1. We were having an outside wedding when we received severe thunder storm and tornado watches. we moved it all inside and not even half of our guests came due to the weather. My husbands aunt decided to make our cake as a wedding gift. The cake was totally lopsided and leaning like the tower of Pisa because she layered it in the car!!!!! My sister-in- law works at a flower shop and the flowers were supposed to be gorgeous...they looked like grocery store flowers and it caused our families to argue the entire time. My dad flew in and showed up that morning and left quickly after he walked me down the isle, thanks DAD!!!(he took a week of for my wedding and spent not even a full day there)My husband started laughing in the middle of the ceremony. Wanted to run away! Our dj's were awful as they decided to get paid to drink instead of play music. The facility we got married in told me that they were charging me a clean up deposit and wear and tear fees because they said it was a wild party that got out of control (i wish it would have been at least then it would have been fun!!!!)The photographer's flash wasn't working which caused all of our pictures to look old (we got married April 06!).She never even got a picture of me and the bridesmaids and cut peopled heads off in the shots!!. A $10,000 wedding that looked and turned out like a $1,000 wedding!!! I'm glad it's over!!!

2. 3. Families are hard work and mine is no exception My future problems possibly started at my sisters wedding when she managed to fall out with my mothers side of the family due to saying that she was unsure if she wanted children at her wedding, she decided to have children at the wedding eventually but this seemed to sew a seed of a hate campaign between my mothers sisters and my forward 12 months its now time for me to get married i send out all the invites etc and find out who is coming all was going well until my mothers sisters find out that my sister is bridesmaid and they decided to boycott the wedding if you can believe this my grandmother and all my aunties on my mothers side and all my cousins let me know through my mum that they had previously booked a holiday and could not possible postpone the trip...ok i thought you know if its a holiday of a life time but was a beach holiday at the local seaside... to make matters worse i had very few guests on my side of the church..on the up side we had plenty of free drink. Needless to say i have not talked to any of them in the past 12 months, but it just shows you with family like theses guys who needs enemies.

3. My parents got married in June 1982. It was rushed because my mum unexpectadly got pregnant. Dad's grandparents said they'd pay for the wedding then backed out with days to go. They hardly spoke to us in the following years. My mum was not allowed to wear white like she wanted because she wasnt 'pure'. It rained, hailed and even snowed on the day. Her dad refused to give her away because he didn't want to cry in public. The wedding cake was too hard to cut even with an electric knife. There was a mix-up with the flowers and both sets of inlaws got into a massive fight with one set storming off. Now after 11 years it turns out my 'dad' has being seeing another woman for a long time so they are splitting.

4. Well, this is the story of my parent's wedding. They've been married for just over 19 years now. Anyway, they had their wedding in a nice little chapel in Nevada. The bridesmaid (my Uncle's now ex-wife) forgot her dress and had to buy a new one. Someone forgot to pack my mother's dress shoes, so she walked down the aisle in tennis shoes. To top it all off my father's ring didn't want to fit on his finger as it was a size or so too small. Thankfully, they're still happily married.

5. My parents refused to pay for my wedding, and my fiance and I were young, dumb, and broke. My fiance "surprised" me one day after we got our marriage license.....We got married in the back of a used furniture and junk store for $20. No pictures, no cake, no guests, just the old man in dirty jeans that married us, and his wife as witness. The "ceremony" was interrupted two times by people wanting to ask about prices on things!

6. My parents are divorced, and my dad and I had not seen eye to eye for years. I told him six months before the wedding that my husband-to-be would walk me down the aisle, as it is an old tradition symbolizing equal partnership in marriage. He grunted in response. Two weeks before the wedding, he emailed everyone he knew that he would not be attending the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner, but fully expected to give the bride away, and "would be hurt beyond healing" if denied the privilege. He also claimed that he had to ask for an invitation to the wedding (he never opened his mail, so he never saw the invitation. Three years later, my new step-mother found it). I reminded him about my belief that women are not property to be given away, and that I was walking down the aisle with my husband-to-be. He replied (again to everyone he knew) that I was being selfish and unreasonable, blah, blah, blah. Two days before the wedding, my great-aunt talked some sense into him, and he apologized over email (but not to everyone he knew). The day of the wedding, he never showed up. My grandmother was ready to kill him, as were my sister, husband, and mother. To this day he claims that I gave him bad directions, and he got lost.

7. A Presbyterian minister told us that he had officiated at a wedding where the Bride and Groom kneeled at the altar and the entire congregation burst out laughing. The reason? Someone had written "Help Me" in white chalk on the soles of the Bridegroom's shoes.

8. After her wedding, the Bride opened all her gifts including one which did not have a card included. It was a videotape sent by her husband's ex-wife. He had visited her just the week before and they had enjoyed a fling on the kitchen counter. The ex secretly taped the tryst and sent the tape on to the new wife.

9. The Bride had booked a lodge in a national park for her reception. When she arrived, she found out that the rustic sewage system had broken down and the guests had been provided with a row of portable toilets.

10. A wedding in Baltimore was rudely interrupted when the police arrived and arrested the groom. They had been looking for him for months and knew this was the one event he would definitely attend.


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